Thursday, September 5, 2013

National Infantry Museum

One thing we did while in Columbus, Georgia was visit the National Infantry Museum. This musuem showcases the US Army Infantry men. I absolutely love history museums. I usually get really emotional and tear up. This museum was no different. There was a Vietnam Veteran that was giving tours and a few soldier went up and told him 'thank you' for his service and he told him thank you too. It was just the sweetest moment ever and tears ran down my face. I am a big baby when it comes to stuff like that.
My favorite part was walking through the exhibit of the US Infantry throughout the wars. Infantry men are the soldiers on the front lines in the Army. I have so much respect for infantry men, it would be a hard job and really hard as a wife of an infantry man knowing they are on the front lines. We got to see a showcase of all the Medal of Honor recipients in the Infantry. And also a place for a wedding or wedding reception was set up in the great room. It was really pretty.
Another thing I really enjoy about museums like this are the videos they show. I always learn so much more about the history then I ever really knew. It is really fun. Well for me at least. After the museum we needed some food so we headed to the Mellow Mushroom a really great pizza place. It was a good day.
love, Carlee
Tank: Forever21
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