Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Angel Oak tree

After the concert on Thursday night we slept in pretty hard on Friday and when we woke up, I wanted to head about 15 miles away to John’s Island to visit the Angel Oak tree. I am so glad we did and if you are every in the Charleston area, it is a must see place. There is no admission fee and there is even a little gift shop. Unfortunately there were signs every 5 feet saying do not climb etc. I think it was more about not allowing the visitors to get a really good photo of the whole tree because in the gift shop you weren’t supposed to take photos of the professional tree photos. Also beware, the turn to the Angel Oak tree is pretty sharp and travel slow down the dirt road.
Anyways, the tree was magnificent. The atmosphere around the tree was so calm, quiet, and peaceful. We whispered the entire time because it didn’t feel right to talk in a normal voice. Maybe you just have to be there to know what I am talking about. At one point I asked Clark “what do you think the tree would say if it could talk” and Clark said “Climb me.” It looked like the perfect climbing here but obviously that isn’t allowed and for good reason. The tree is estimated to be 400-500 years old but some experts think it would be closer to 1000-1500 so who knows. I like to believe it is around 1500 years old but that’s probably not true. 
After we visited the tree we headed to Sunrise Bistro just down the road on John’s Island. I totally recommend Sunrise Bistro it is a nice little gem of a breakfast spot. I had the biscuits and grave and Clark had the breakfast burrito. And the hot chocolate is great too. 
love, Carlee
Tank: American Eagle
Shorts & Bag: Target
Shoes: Belk


  1. Looks like a pretty fun place to visit! I love trees and this one is particularly pretty. I can imagine how majestic it must feel!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  2. love that top! such an amazing tree!

    great blog! we are now following you on twitter, would love it if you checked out our blog and followed us back :)



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