Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer intentions 2014

Some favorite photos from summers past: 1. fireworks in Brewster, WA. 2. Lumber River, NC when we were traveling to Myrtle Beach last year. 3. Italian Ice in Columbus, GA while at the hot air ballon festival. 4. Clark swimming in the pool at our hotel when I visited Fayetteville for the first time ever. 5. Homegrown strawberries from my mom’s garden. 6. Seattle, WA in the summer and the view from Gasworks park. 

Goals for this summer. I have actually been getting into a really good habit of making goal lists and sticking to them. I think I have also been more intentional with my goals and not just writing stuff to write stuff. On my at home goal list, it is usually stuff that I need to do, stuff I want to clean or organize, special dates, dog groomed, carpets cleaned... things like that. But on this list, I made it a point to have really summer specific goals. Things that should be done in the summer. I actually wrote this list at the beginning of June so a couple of things are also crossed up but I am going to share them anyways.

1. Go to another Durham Bulls game. (7.4.14)
2. Watch fireworks. (7.4.14)
3. Make s’mores. (6.21.14)
4. Swim in a lake or river with my dog. (6.22.14)
5. Run another 10k (8.2.14)
6. Host a BBQ and pool party. (7.19.14)
7. Take anniversary photos. (7.5.14 yep view photos
8. Drink smoothie on the back patio of our fav coffee shop. (check on 7.5.14) (and again 8.23.14)
9. Bake mini pies. (8.25.14)
10. Take a trip to the NC mountains. (Asheville area) ((maybe camping)) | We didn’t go to the mountains but we did go camping. (9.1.14)

If I don’t get all these accomplished then it’s not a huge deal but this will keep me motivated and planning new things this summer. Trying to get a list completed while not doing everything as once is fun. I think I have plans for almost everything except the trip to the NC mountains that might happen in August. We will see. What are you plans for the summer?
love, Carlee

ps. I have one more post from Myrtle Beach that I will be posting on Monday.

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