Sunday, June 1, 2014

365 project: May

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. While April was the month of evening walks, May was the month of evenings walks to get ice cream. I think there are three separate photos of different ice cream trips. So I like ice cream. In May we spent our first days by the pool, enjoyed a long Memorial weekend with friends at the lake, Clark took a work trip to DC while I took a day trip to Florida. 

1. Outfit post photo turns into the perfect family portrait opportunity and look at Knox looking at the camera like he knows what to do. 

2. Cold Stone Creamery anyone?

3. Putt Putt golf date just me and my man and a bunch of children.

4. Close up with the big camera. 

5. This is my documenting my awesome french braid and our matching blue shirts. 

6. Clark said something like "suns out guns out" then this photo happened. 

7. Stop! Never. Good photo opt. on our evening walk. 

8. First day at our pool. We are loving it. 80 degrees and sunny. 

9. Gonna go to Fort Bragg fair but traffic was awful and parking was a mess so just a nice dinner for two is how the night ended. 

10. Hiking at Carvers Creek State Park. 

11. Another evening walk. 

12. Me "I can set my phone here and use TimerCam and we can all take a photo. Hold Knox" 

13. No makeup portrait. 

14. Homemade pizza for two. 

15. Evening walk. I know there are a lot of evening walk photos but I prefer those to the couch photos we had in January and February. 

16. Ice Cream again. I also get the same thing and Clark always gets something new. 

17. Frizzy hair don't care. Okay, I actually do care but I am gonna pretend like I don't.

18. This photo must have been taking in the evening because I am wearing a sweatshirt also "Clark, keep your eyes open." 

19. Dairy Queen Blizzards again. Yes, please. I think it’s starting to turn into a habit and that’s really not good...

20. Evening walks. 

21. More evening walks. I definitely like the full body photos better than the selfie type photos. So thank you TimerCam

22. Pool bums. 

23. A night time 4 mile walk because I ate way to much food during that day.

24. Spent Memorial Day Weekend with good friends, eating good food by the lakeshore.

25. Did 6 miles because I wanted to mentally prepare for the 10K we have coming up Saturday actually.

26. Another day spent at the pool. Not complaining.

27. This is the day Clark left for DC.

28. Our textes. Skipped day 29 because we weren’t together anyways and it didn’t fit into my graph perfectly. So whatev'

30. “The more S’mores Blizzard is at DQ, let’s go get ice cream.” #eaticecreamalldayeveryday

31. Photo on the couch.


  1. Looks like a fun month! Walks to ice cream are the best!

  2. I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now
    Hope you'll like mine too!



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