Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Carolina Panthers

Yeah I am still sharing posts of events that happened almost 2 weeks ago. Oh my where does the time go. Anyways, this is my last post from our trip to Charlotte NC. This was the main reason we went. Back in September for Clark's birthday my dad got him Carolina Panther tickets. It was the first NFL game that Clark had been to so he was pretty excited. I grew up going to Seahawks games back in Seattle but this was the first Carolina game I have been to and it was super fun. Especially since they are undefeated!
Some of Clark's friends were giving him a hard time about wearing Carolina stuff and routing for the Panthers but I was thinking it would be totally lame to go to a NFL game or any other sports game for that matter and not route for a team. Since we are Seahawks fans all our friends thought we were bandwagoning. BECAUSE, we are haha. No just kidding. But seriously we have living in North Carolina for 2 1/2 years now I think I can route for Carolina while still being a Seattle fan. Anyways, sorry about that rant.
It was a really fun game and the panthers killed the redskins. We had really great seats as well. We were taking photos and sending them to my dad like "did you know, you got us club seats!?" and he was like yeah. He is a good Dad. Since we were staying the night on Sunday night as well. (Clark got Monday off) we weren't worried about leaving early. Usually when a game is a blowout like this one was at the end 44-16, we just head out early. But since we were just walking back to our hotel after the game we stayed until the very end which was awesome. Then we had a nice stroll back to our hotel and then later went to IKEA to get a coffee table. It was my first time at IKEA actually and we had been using a bench as a coffee table for 2 years so it was time to get an actual one.

We had an awesome time and I totally recommend going to an NFL or any major sports game if you are into that sort of thing. They have the best atmosphere. Although, I will say I think college football might just be a little more fun then the NFL, routing wise.
love, Carlee

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  1. im sooo jealous! i want to go to a game so bad!!!
    this looks like sooo much fun!


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