Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Knox Santa photo

This was the best / most/ awesome cheesiest thing I have ever done and I loved it and it was awesome and I will cherish this photo forever!

So yesterday, we took Knox to take photos with Santa at the mall and it was awesome! The mall had  two dates for pets. December 1st or 8th. We actually went to check it out on the 1st to see where exactly it was and how it was set up to make sure Knox wouldn't be to overwhelmed. On the 1st there was NO ONE there so we thought it would be similar on Tuesday but we got there and there were more people. There was about 5 people in line ahead of us, most with dogs. Knox was actually very well behaved and he didn't mind Santa at all. Once we sat him next to Santa on the couch Clark moved off to the side and I moved behind the camera. Knox got a little nervous. But it was great and the photo turned out perfect!

Now excuse me while I go make 100 copies and save it to ever single device so that someday when I am 90 I will still have a copy to look at and enjoy. 
love, Carlee 

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  1. this is the cutest thing ever! if my dogs werent so crazy id take them if i could! <3


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