Wednesday, December 30, 2015

DIY felt dog ornaments

Okay so this is my favorite DIY that I have ever done. I actually started it back in July with one golden retriever ornament. I found this shop on Etsy and thought the ornaments were SO cute. But the second time I looked at the shop they were on vacation and haven't been back since so I wanted to try and make something similar myself. I started with the golden retriever because it seemed the easiest because I had a good outline and reference. My dad has a golden retriever named Hank so I knew it would be perfect to give him for Christmas. After I finished the first one I did Knox and my brothers dog Duke because all I had to do was change out the middle nose strip to white. So those two were easy.
I know I don't have a very good step by step tutorial here but this has been my favorite DIY and I just couldn't not share it. The hardest to do were the blue heller mix and the white little white dogs because I didn't have a reference to go off of but they worked out good. Everyone was like why didn't you put the year on it so we can remember it. Well maybe they can just write the year on the red string and if I make something again I will make sure to put the year and my name on it haha. Turns out people want to remember when you have done something sentimental for them haha. 
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I can't wait to put my ornament on my tree every year and see my families ornaments as well. I think they will be cherish for a long time and those are my favorite DIYs to do. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
love, Carlee

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so going to have to try and make these for next year!


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