Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Under the Christmas tree

On Saturday, I wanted to take some photos in our matching red pajamas with Knox by our Christmas tree. The photos turned out so good and Knox was so game to just chill and take photos it was awesome. I am only sharing the photos of Knox and I because I didn't want to subject Clark to having photos of himself in red pajamas on the internet so those are more for just me. 
Then on Sunday, we had our own little Christmas celebration. We opened our gifts from each other and Knox opened some gifts and I woke up early to finish making the cinnamon rolls that I had let rise the night before. I know Dec 13 is super early to open presents but it was our last full day off before we flew back to Washington State for the holidays and I didn't really want to open presents after work one day this week so instead we did it super early but we made a whole day out of it and it was awesome. 
love, Carlee
pjs: Target (last year 2014)

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