Friday, December 4, 2015

Dickens Holiday and our xmas tree

The day after Thanksgiving we went to Dicken's Holiday Christmas in downtown Fayetteville NC. We have done this for the last 3 years and each year it is getting bigger and better. There are vendors and people dressed in old fashion clothing. Carolers, police, scrooge, death, Jacob Marly, etc. There is even a band and horse drawn carriages. We got smoothies at Rude Awakening (our favorite, the strawberry banana is very good!) Then we walked around and just enjoyed ourselves.
After that we headed to a Christmas tree lot near our house and picked out a tree. They don't put the tree lots up until Thanksgiving so they at least make you wait until after Thanksgiving to get into the Christmas spirit. Which is totally okay with me. I think one should wait at least until after Thanksgiving. I know some people had there xmas trees up the day after Halloween! I wanted to make sure to get a pretty tall tree this year. Last year it was a little too short. This year our star is about 2 inches from the ceiling which is just perfect.
It was crazy because Thanksgiving weekend was SO NICE. It was 75 degrees on Friday and around the same the rest of the weekend too so we were picking out our tree in tank tops which I thought was really funny. I told my mom what the weather was like and she said it was 15 degrees in my hometown in WA.

Been super busy over here! Shipping out SO MANY mugs from if you want to order something do it soon because the shop will be closing in a couple weeks so I can enjoy some time with family! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and the start of December!
love, Carlee
Jeans: Old Navy
Tank & Bag: Target


  1. This is so cool! So glad I stumbled on your blog on Pinterest (the Clark Park covered bridge post actually, my husband and I are PCSing and are visiting in the area so have been looking for things to do!) I'm excited to keep up with your posts now :)
    - Elizabeth,

    1. Btw, if you guys are military, what a coincidence because we're both originally from WA state as well and then ended up in SC and, soon, VA! :) Also your puppy resembles ours!

    2. That is awesome! So you guys are PCSing to Fort Bragg (I am assuming)? Also, yeah we are military and from WA as well. Let me know if you have any questions about the area or anything else!

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  3. The tree is so beautiful and the event looks so fun. I can't believe how warm it is with you! It's so cold here in England!

    Emma Xx


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