Thursday, May 12, 2016

And Then There Were None: Agatha Christie

So this is a great mystery / thriller novel. Agatha Christe is the most published and best selling author behind only Shakesheaper and the Bible. Which is crazy. Especially since I was not familiar with her books and work before this book. So shame on me because this book was amazing and is the best selling mystery of all time and also 3 most selling author of all time. This book was written in 1939
and originally titled Ten Little N*ggers but without the asterisk and when it was published in the USA it was first titled Ten Little Indians. I think it is pretty obvious why the titles were changed. 

There is a poem in the book that is kind of the whole bases around the murder mystery. And in the current version of the book the poem is about ten little soldiers and they are at Soldier Island. So I can only image that it was the other derogatory terms in the other versions. I actually didn't know about the first titles until I finished the book and Googled it and looked at the Wikipedia page. So don't let the pervious titles deter you from reading this book. If you want a good mystery novel this one really is. This one seemed to freak me out more than any of the Gillian Flynn books and even Stephen King's The Shining so I think that is saying something. It wasn't necessary that it was super scary or freaky. It was more psychological tormenting which for me is the worst kind of torment. 

It was a good book about 10 strangers that are on an island and they get picked off one by one but no one knows who the murder is. I don't really want to spoil any more than that. Just make sure to read the 'manuscript' which is technically the last chapter of the book. I just thought it was a manuscript for another one of her books so I was like wtf that ended was terrible but the 'manuscript' is actually the explanation of what happens in the murders eyes so make sure to read it! Thats all. Its great if you like mysteries. 
love, Carlee 

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