Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blue and White for life

My favorite wall in Fayetteville, it is in downtown on the backside of main street on the one way street. I first discovered this wall almost 3 years ago and you can see the first post I did with it here and another one hereThese photos were taken over the weekend when Clark and I had a little day on the town. We strolled along Hay Street and went into a bunch of fun little shops. There were actually some new really cute gifts shops that have only been there a few months so it was exciting to check those out. I also finally got a Fayetteville Christmas ornament. Whenever I go on vacation or visit a new city for a souvenir I get a Christmas ornament so I can look at all the places I have been every December when I put up my tree. Clark thought I was silly to get a Fayetteville ornament. But I was like we have lived here for 3 years, it needs to be represented on our Christmas tree! haha
We are headed to Washington State soon for a little visit and to see our family before we move to Italy in July. I am very excited to see our family and friends. And Clark's sister is going to be home which is exciting because she wasn't home last Christmas so we are happy that everyone will be together for a little while. My mom and I are also throwing a bridal shower for my brothers fiancĂ©  while I am home and that should be fun. I am also one of her bridesmaids so I got double duty haha. 
Happy Wednesday! 
love, Carlee 
Shoes: Ross
Dress: Target
Vest: Forever 21
For some reason my post is not formatting correctly! So sorry if it looks kind of funky. 

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