Monday, May 2, 2016

Massy Massachusetts

I went on a mini adventure the last few days! On Thursday my friend and I headed to Massachusetts. She is moving back home while her husband is deployed and didn't want to make the drive by herself so since she knows I love to travel and we get along really well, she asked me to make the trip with her! I, of course, said yes. How could I pass up on an opportunity for adventure. So we left Thursday around noon. We were planning on leaving earlier but there was some mishaps and delays which you know happen occasionally. We got on the road and the drive was 13 hours so we knew we had a long journey ahead. But it wasn't so bad. The worst traffic we hit was around DC at 5 pm or so and after that it was so late when we passed NYC that the traffic wasn't bad at all. Since we left so late it meant that we were driving most of the night and didn't make it into her some town of northern Massachusetts until 3:30am but it really wasn't a bad drive. Surprisingly.
After sleeping in greatly on Friday. I am talking noon-1pm haha. We headed to the beach. She lives 20 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean which I think is just awesome. We went to Plum Island and if you drive to the wildlife reserve area and tell the man you want to go all the way to the end then you don't have to pay. But if you are stopping at one of the first parking areas to swim or relax on the beach then the cost in $5. But the very end is where it's at because there is purple sand. Which makes me think that is maybe how the island gots its name. But the wikipedia page did not confirm this. We actually got to see some of the purple sand and it was so cool. My friend said their used to be a lot more but there was still quite a bit I thought. We even saw like 6 wild turkeys on the way in and I got a really funny video of one passing by. I also found the coolest unbroken shells. So excited to add them to my collection.
We ate a lot of good food while I was there. My friends Dad asked us what we were gonna do while their and we basically just said a bunch of food. We had a continuing joke that we were doing a 'food tour of the Northeast" haha. We had french toast bagels, apple cider doughnuts, maple nut ice cream, what they call 'beach pizza' (it's square cut pizza), authentic cannolis. I do have a few more photos to share for another post! I had a lot of fun. 
love, Carlee 

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