Thursday, May 5, 2016

More from MASS

A few more photos from my friend and I's trip to Massachusetts! If you read the last post you know that my friend was moving from NC back to her hometown in Massachusetts while her husband is deployed so we road tripped back and I stayed a few days and saw some of the beautiful state then I flew back to North Carolina. Anyways, here are some more photos from the trip. 
The New York City skyline from I-95 we were traveling pretty late into the night so the traffic wasn't bad at all. Which was definitely a bonus. 
 Wild turkeys on the side of the road, driving out to Plum Island. 
The first time having apple cider donuts. I have seen this all over instagram during the fall from people up north or in the midwest. But this farm actually opens in the spring and starting making fresh donuts. The apple cider they use isn't fresh because there is no apples on the trees right now but still so good. 
My friends parents dog Piper she is a 10 year old golden lab and she is so sweet!! But sheds really bad, way worse than Knox haha. 

So yeah, those are the last photos from the trip! Like I said in the last post, we had the best food! 
love, Carlee

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