Monday, May 9, 2016

Cameron Antique Street Fair

On Saturday, we headed to Cameron NC to check out the spring antique street festival. We actually went to this street fair in the fall of 2014! We loved it and last year I missed it all together but this year I wanted to make sure we went. It was just as awesome as I remember from 2014, we got there around 10am which I was happy about because the later in the day it gets the more people show up. It is actually best to drive all the way though the town and park on that side because you don't have to pay and the walk to the street fair action isn't far. There is also tons of good food which we didn't really eat much of this time. But there were funnel cakes, snow cones, hot dogs, hamburgers, Chinese food, ice cream, etc. 
We actually didn't buy anything this time but had fun looking around. Last time I was searching for Christmas gifts for my mom she has a novelty oil can collection but this time since we are moving to Italy in a couple months I didn't want to buy anything for myself. There was a lot of good stuff and lots of people! It was also a really pretty day out. 
I have been super into shopping lately which is not so good for the bank account. I haven't even really been shopping for clothes. I will go to Ross or TJ Maxx looking for kitchen stuff I need/want for Italy and we need a bigger suitcase, another shower curtain set, and new sheets, etc. But then I will end up looking at the clothes section and finding some super cute things, like this dress, which I found at Ross. This jacket is also new, I went to Old Navy looking for a swimsuit (it was buy one get one free the other day) and I had to look at the clearance section and found this awesome jacket. It was gonna be $15 but then they rang it up and it was $4.47 seriously such a steal! And I love it because its so cute and different. When it is zipped all the way up its a turtle neck! 
love, Carlee
Dress: Ross
Jacket: Old Navy
Shoes: Belk
Purse: JCPennys

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