Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pena Palace

 When we were in Lisbon we did a day tour with Inside Lisbon which I would totally recommend. We did the trip to Sintra, Pena Palace, the most western point in continental Europe and the little beach town of Cascais. I will talk more about the rest of the day trip later but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to Pena Palace because it was that magical. Our tour guides name was Bruno and he was awesome. The tour was in a small van with eight other people and I enjoyed how intimate the tour was. 

The tour left at 9am and the first thing we did was go to Pena Palace. It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive from Lisbon to Sintra and the palace opened at 945am so it was perfect. There wasn’t too many people there when we arrived and we got to walk through the palace rather quickly although we did enjoy all the ornate and beautiful rooms. My favorite thing was the beautifully decorated ceilings. The patterns and details on some of them were out of this world. And then we spent the majority of the time exploring the grounds and the exterior which was by far my favorite part of the palace. There are three different styles to the palace and lots of different influences from all over the world.

We went to the north side of the terraces and it was so windy! I definitely didn’t wear the right dress for the outing. Let’s just say I had a couple of Marilyn Monroe moments. And as you can see in the photos above we had trouble keeping my hair out of my face for a good photo haha. I would recommend doing the wall walk as well but we careful it is two way traffics and can be narrow in places so if you are afraid of heights maybe don't do it but if you do you get a great view of Moorish Castle.

Definitely get there early. By the time we were leaving around 1130 there was a huge line to enter the castle. It is a real popular place. There were plenty of bathrooms on sight and a little cafe to get some snacks and drinks. 
love, Carlee
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