Monday, July 2, 2018

Sunflowers in southern Spain

Before we went on our trip to Portugal and Spain I saw that Julia from Gal meets Glam happened to be in southern Spain around the same area where we were going and she had posted a photo on her instastories of a vast sunflower field. I did some quick googling and lots of people said there are many sunflower fields in southern Spain in June! So I was excited. I was a littler nervous that we would miss them and not see any but little did I know I didn’t need to be nervous cause they were everywhere!

They filled the countryside on most of our drives and we found some good ones to take photos of that weren’t fenced in. We found the ones that were close to the city of Seville to be fenced in and we didn’t really want to try and climb over barbwire. But luckily there was no shortage of unfenced ones as well.

One evening when we were driving clark noticed that all the sunflowers were facing the opposite direction of the sun and he said that he thought the sunflowers followed the sun. So we had to look it up and turns out that they only do that when they are young and by the time they get older they usually just face east. Hashtag fun fact of the day. We even watched a cool time lapse video of a baby sunflower moving with the sun for one day.

love, Carlee

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