Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Sloth: the business behind the nickname

I started my Etsy shop one month ago and so far everything is going well. I really love it and designing cards is so much fun! I thought it would be fun to start a feature that gives you guys a peek inside my shop Little Sloth. I will talk about all sorts of things related to my shop so all of you can get to know my shop better and also me as a card designer. The first topic I am going to discuss is The Business Behind the Nickname. Are you wondering what I am talking about?
How did the nickname come about? Clark gave me the nickname Little Sloth when we first started date. You see when we first started dating we were both in high school we spent a lot of our time watching tv and movies at each other's houses and being really lazy. He eventually started calling me Little Sloth and it just suck. This isn't my only nickname from Clark by any means, let me tell you that boy is in to giving me nicknames. ha. 

Why did I name my shop this? 
I wanted to get my business name right. When I first started my blog I named it something on a whim because I wanted to get it going. Then I realized I needed a better name and something that was me and I could brand. So I ended up changing it about 2 months into blogging. I didn't want my readers to be confused by the change but also I wanted to change the name because it wasn't right for me or for the way I wanted my blog to go. 

I didn't want to do the same with this my card shop. I wanted to name it something that was unique and me and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to name my shop. It wasn't something I took lightly and I am glad I didn't and I am glad I just didn't jump into it. Little Sloth was always in the running and I am glad it was my final decision because it totally suits me and what my card shop is. My greeting cards and I will be able to grow with the shop and that feels right. 

I am excited to share more about Little Sloth with you all in the future. It is exciting to have just started a business.  I am loving it so far though. You'll be getting more peeks inside my shop to come. If you have any specific questions about it I would love to answer them.
love, Carlee

p.s. like Little Sloth's Facebook Page to keep up to date with what is going on in the shop, inside photos and exclusive discounts. 


  1. I love it and I love the name. Cute story!
    xo, B |

  2. I love the name so much! And seeing more behind the scenes was really cool!

    The Glossy Life

  3. been following you on and off for a little while, had no idea you had a shop. Not only that, but your cards are the cutest! Where do you get all that inspiration?


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