Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I turn 21 today. Exciting right? People always say that once you turn 21 none of your birthdays really matter because all the big milestones are over. Well let me tell you something I know I will be super excited to turn 25 and not have to pay $100 extra just to rent a car, I think 50 is a big milestone and if I make it to 100 I am sure that will be a much bigger deal then 21. It is crazy to think about that 21 years of my life has gone by. Time really does just fly by when you think about the big picture. geez..
I am so very excited to turn 21 but it is not like I am going to go out and drink and party it up. It will be fun to be able to older off the drink menu if/when I want to. My brother is taking me out tonight and my mom is coming into town later this week to celebrate with me as well. Big week. After class today I will be spending my time at the DOL. :( Who know's how long that will take... I am super excited to get my licenses turned horizontally though. It just looks cooler. And my friends and I are also going out for a yummy dinner tonight. 
I hope everyone has a great day and I am such a lucky girl to get to share my birthday with Abe Lincoln. 
love, Carlee


  1. happy 21st birthday Carlee! enjoy your special day!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!! :D

  3. Aw! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy 21 birthday Carlee! Have fun :)



  5. Happy birthday! I hope 21 is a great year for you!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  6. Wow happy birthday, I remember being 21 ... was a really good year! I hope you have a wonderful night, and share some more photos with us after!

    A Day in Durham

  7. Happy birthday!
    This is such an exciting day :D
    I hope your wishes come true and that you had an amazing day! xx


  8. happy birthday!

    you have a lovely blog...

  9. Sorry this is late, but I hope you had a lovely 21st and have a great year ahead! x

  10. Happy birthday! Your blog is lovely!


  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. awww happy birthday! 21? your just a pup :)

  13. Happy birthday!! I had my 21st birthday last year--and you're right, alcohol doesn't "have" to be involved, just because "everybody" drinks when they turn 21. I hope you have a wonderful year!


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