Sunday, February 17, 2013

A good man, birthday and pie

365 project. 42-48. This week was a very good one and a big one! My 21st birthday and Valentine's Day of course. I got some new card supplies so great! I always get super excited when shopping for arts and crafts. Tuesday was my birthday and my friends and I went out to a nice dinner and I have my first drink as a 21 year old. I even got one on the house. My birthday photo I actually stole from my friends Instagram but I screen shooted it so that counts as me taking a photo I believe. ha. I noticed my phone and water bottle match perfect..... hmmm. 

On another note, did you read my this day post about Valentine's Day? I was kind of being a downer. Feeling sorry for myself that Clark wasn't here to spend it with me. But guess what he made it so special for me even from far away! He sent me roses and such a nice card. That was homemade!! Oh my gosh, I should definitely have more faith that my man will make it a good day for me. So I guess what I am saying is disregard my negative words on Thursday. I have a good man. 

It has been sunny a few days here this week. You have no idea how exciting that it! Even on Saturday and Sunday it was nice out too. On Saturday my friend and I headed down to the Fremont district in Seattle to walk around and window shop. Then we got mini pies at this bakery in Seattle. So good, I have been once before with my mom. You know how there is cupcake only shops, well it is like that but with pies and of course it has the cutest name ever Pie! They have sweet pies like apple, pumpkin, key lime, etc. and lunch/dinner pies like chicken pot pie, mac and cheese!!! If you are ever in Seattle please check this place out.

Aren't you happy you I didn't post another photo of myself in the mirror! I think I did it three weeks in a row and that just had to stop. It was a good busy week. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I know I will enjoy having tomorrow off.
love, Carlee


  1. Aww.. you're bf is so sweet! Belated happy bday/vday to you! :)
    I'm your newest follower on GFC! :)


  2. I can't believe a man made such an awesome card, he must be following your blog! :) Kudos to him! Elle x


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