Monday, April 21, 2014

Caswell Beach

On Friday Clark, Knox (the dog) and I headed to the beach. Caswell beach is south of Wilmington and is the closest beach to Fayetteville that is dog friendly year round. We were planning on going on Sunday but the weather forecasted looked like it was suppose to rain. I am glad we went on Friday even though it was a little cloudy and windy it was still a lot of fun. Knox loved the water. When he was younger he was not to sure about that water and I was convinced that he didn't like it but this time changed my mind. He loved that water and Clark took one for the team and got wet so Knox could enjoy himself. I also got in the water but not as wet as Clark (see photo below.) Good thing we brought extra pants!
So this day while good was actually filled with mishaps. First I wanted to go to Fort Anderson/Brunswick Town which I had never been so we drove 15 minutes out of the way, turns out it was closed. Even though it was suppose to be open. Probably cause Easter weekend. Next while trying to the to the beach we drove down a road that was a dead end with no signs saying it was a dead end. Then on the way home we were driving and turns out the road was closed with no signs warning us or stating detour! What the heck. So we had to back track a little.
It was a good day though. We got to relax on the beach and enjoy time together with our dog. There was actually quite a few people/families there. It was nice seeing others enjoy the calm and relaxing by the ocean. After we got home from the beach in the evening we invited our friends out to have pizza at the Mellow Mushroom which was probably the perfect end to our day. Yay for beach day. But next time I want it to be warm and sunny.
love, Carlee

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