Monday, April 7, 2014

Durham Bulls

On Saturday, Clark and I headed up to Durham, NC to watch the Durham Bulls minor league baseball team play. They are actually the minor league team for the Tampa Bay Rays and it was opening weekend. It was a really fun time. The sun was shining and it was 75 degrees, the perfect baseball weather. The game was at 5pm and we had seats behind the plate to we were in the shade which I was happy about. The ball park also really nice. They just renovated it this last year! 
I remember the first time I heard about the Durham Bulls was when I was a little girl. You see I grew up in a sports oriented family. All my brothers played baseball and we were just a baseball family. I remember watching the movie Bull Durham when I was an early teen (I know its rated R, it probably wasn't appropriate) But it is such a good movie and actually named one of the best sports movie of all time by Sports Illustrated. I will admit that the movie was one of the main reasons I wanted to watch the Bulls and also to make my dad/brothers jealous. 
The Durham Bulls actually ended up losing but that's okay. We got to the park a little early and we went to the team store to get some gear, Clark got a hat and I got a t-shirt. We had pretty good seats and got to see all the action. The Bulls won the league championship last year and they got there trophy before the game started. One of my favorite things we did was walk around the park and got to see the entire field from the outfield. People were chilling, hanging out and drinking beer. It looked like a lot of fun. If we go again, I would love to just buy cheap seats and hang out in the out field while having a drink. If you're in North Carolina the Durham Bulls are definitely worth checking out. 
love, Carlee
Converse: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: American Eagle
Sunglasses & Purse: Target
Shorts (no pictured): H&M

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