Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clark's new tattoo

At the end of March Clark got a new tattoo. He always wanted a tattoo on this arm and new Army regulations are coming out saying that you can't get below the elbow tattoos after April. So there was a short time frame to get this tattoo he wanted. I took photos of it last weekend, I wanted to make sure that it was all healed before I took photos. 
The tattoo represents Washington State. As you can see that there is the space needle which is 100% Washington State. But I am glad that Clark decided to put the space needle in the back that way the tattoo doesn't scream SEATTLE. Just represents Washington. He got it done in Newton, NC at The Studio by Margaret, which is who did his first tattoo. And highly recommended by Clark. So yeah, just thought I would share his new tattoo, I like it.
love, Carlee

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