Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Start of April

Now this is the exact outfit I would wear to a music festival or county fair. Well maybe a tank top depending on the weather. I stepped outside today and thought "This feels like the start of summer" its 75 degrees guys and sunny! Then I thought "I hope I don't get sunburnt." I am happy to report that I didn't get sunburnt but I think I need to make sure to put sun screen on from now on when it is nice out. And aren't maxi skirts just the best? I think so. They are so comfy and definitely my go to staple for spring. 
In other news, I got a formal dress for the military ball that is coming up for Clarks battalion. I got it from Macys. It is black and simple and pretty. Most importantly it wasn't to expensive. I love myself a beautiful dress but I also love to travel and having enriching experiences so I try not to spend to much money on a dress I am only gonna wear once. However, since this dress is simple and black hopefully I will be wear it again for the right occasions. 
We have been watching the first few seasons of Degrassi: the next generation. I got a 30 day free trail of Amazon Prime so I could watch a movie that was only on there and then we found Degrassi. It was like my Jr High go to Tv Show. Right now we are on the ones with Drake as Jimmy before he was in a wheelchair so super old school. Anyone else remember watching Degrassi or was that just me?
love, Carlee
Skirt: JCPennys
Shirt: Target
Sandals: Belk
Sunglasses: old
Bag: local festival


  1. I think it would be fun to have a reason to wear a formal dress once in a while! :) But I love this more casual outfit, too!

  2. So cute! I want to see a formal outfit post with your new dress!

  3. Wonderful look and location! Love maxi's too - a life saver on a hot summer day. x


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