Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Current snapshots

Here are some fun current photos that have been floating around my computer lately. These past couple of weeks have been busy. Last weekend Clark headed out to California for three days to do a funeral detail for one of the soldiers that past away in this company. Knox and I both missed him a lot and it has been good to have him back. He got Monday and also today off from work because he did the funeral detail so we have been helping a friend move apartments. We have also been looking into moving apartments when our lease is up in July. We check out an apartment yesterday and it was a total bust. It is definitely making staying at our current apartments better and better. We like our current apartment, we were just seeing if there was a place for cheaper that was still a good quailty. Anyways here are some current photos. 
1. Peach popsicle. This is my second popsicle recipe. I found my popsicle molds in store at Bed Bath and Beyond. The recipe was fresh peaches, freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon juice, a dash of sugar and water blended all together. 

2. I am sharing Little Sloth updates on my instagram account. Just sold my first batch of these new bridesmaid cards

3. So I killed my succulent. Basicly the easiest plant to keep alive, I killed. I think I overwatered it. But thankfully my cactus is still alive. 

4. There is a little pond behind our apartment complex that is home to geese and little baby geese and also turtles. 

5. Clark and the other soldiers in California for funeral detail. Clark said it was super emotional. 

6. Making my first batch of popsicles. This one was strawberries, raspberries, and orange juice. Along with a dash of sugar and some water. 

7. I am participating in Skunkboy's disposable challenge. I have about 8 photos left and will be sharing them over at littlesloth_

8. On Saturday, friends and I attended the Fayetteville Dogwood festival and we got to see John Michael Montgomery play which was pretty cool. 

9. Knox is my little buddy and helping with order packaging!
Happy Tuesday.
love, Carlee

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