Thursday, May 1, 2014

365 project: April

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. April has actually been a good month. I only missed one day and then 2 days Clark was gone to California. This month we watched the Durham Bulls play, went to the military ball, we spent Easter with friends, we helped another friend move aparments, and we went on a lot of evening walks. 

1. April 1st, the sun was shining and the world was at peace. (well the first is true)

2. From an outfit post. One of my favorite photos of us. With Clark in his acu soldier uniform. 

3. An evening walk. Stopped at the picnic table to chat and let Knox run around. 

4. Frozen yogurt at home. 

5. Durham Bull's game. One of my favorite days in April. 

6. Sunday grocery shopping. 

7. Took good photos of Clark's tattoo and of course I wanted to sneak in one. 

8. A walk with Clark, Knox and I. Clark insisted that Knox wanted to be in the photo so Clark lifted him up. 

9. Chilling on the couch after a long day. 

10. This was the day I missed take a photo so here is a photo from the Oregon Coast a few years ago.

11. Relaxing night

12. Military Ball photo.

13. After the military ball it was technically the next day.

14. Grocery shopping with my love.

15. Another night spent on the couch after a long day.

16. Evening walk. 

17. Just waking up in the morning (Clark is still sleeping)

18. Spent the day at the beach. Caswell beach to be exact. 

19. We spent the weekend at a BBQ/ Dance Dance Revolution/ Easter get together with our friends.

20. Easter Sunday was laid back and we went on a nice long walk around our neighborhood.

21. The flowers are blooming (okay technically weeds)

22. Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with delicious toppings at home.

23. On one of our evening walks Clark says "Those flowers would make a cool photo"

24. Clark got a haircut for his trip to California.

25/26. Clark had funeral detail in California.

27. The husband is home. Trip to the grocery store.

28. Movie night. Clark not Monday off because of the detail he did over the weekend.

29. It's storming like crazy so Clark has his trench coat on to keep him dry.

30. Helping our friends move. Ugh what a work out. Seriously.

April was a good month but I am super excited to welcome May. Also Mother's Day is in 10 days so head over to the greeting card shop and get a card for your mom before it is too late!
love, Carlee
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