Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthplace of Pepsi Cola

This weekend was a fun one. Early Saturday Clark and I hopped in the car and headed for the cost. We planned on camping at Cape Lookout National Seashore but it was raining when we got there so we didn’t. (More on that later) But first we stopped in New Bern because our route was leading us right through it and for the longest time now I wanted to visit the Birthplace of Pepsi. I mean common how cool is it that Pepsi was founded in NC there are so many cool things founded in North Carolina. (like Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine and aviation) So that’s just what we did, we stopped in for some authentic Pepsi and some cool souvenirs. 
We got there around 1pm on Saturday and there were many people filtering in and out but it wasn’t overly crowded. They have an awesome gift shop with tons of awesome pepsi and mountain dew things. They have shirts, Christmas ornaments, signs, postcards, bumper stickers (Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Drink Coke), mugs, glasses, bottles, key chains, stickers, etc. If I have to choose between Pepsi and Coke I will definitely choose Pepsi but I learned that Clark is more of a Coke man and thinks Pepsi is to sugary. (Learning new things about my husband everyday.) We split a Pepsi float and learned that the Pepsi there is made with sugarcane (like originally) and not High fructose Corn syrup (like now). 
Pepsi was invented by Caleb Bradham in a pharmacy in New Bern, NC in 1893. The store we visited is the same store that Pepsi Cola was actually founded in so that was super cool. It was originally called “Brad’s Drink" and later named Pepsi Cola in 1898. The recipe was patented in 1903 and by 1904 sales reached 20,000 gallons. There slogan was “Delicious and Healthful" for the first 2 decades of business. And Turns out between 1922 and 1933 Coca-Cola was given the opportunity to buy Pepsi three different times and declined each one. Can you image if they would have merged? There would have just been one major soda producing coming and no battle between Coke and Pepsi.

As you may have noticed from my blog I love little novelty places and this one is no different. I really loved checking this shop out and having a Pepsi at it’s place of origin.
love, Carlee
Blouse: Marshalls (Lucky Brand)
Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Gap


  1. That's super cool! I'm definitely a Coke fan like Clark, but it would still be fun to visit a place like this!

    xoxo Jess

  2. I would love to visit here! It looks like such a cute town. Plus I'm kind of a Diet Pepsi addict ;).


  3. Hello,

    I work In New Bern and would like to discuss using one of your photos in a community mural to be displayed in the New Bern Mall. We are designing them this week so if you could email me at I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,


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