Friday, August 1, 2014

365 Project: July

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. I had a little harder time remembering to take photos in July. I mean they all got done but not all our very pretty. Sometime I only remembered late at night but oh well. Whatcha gonna do? I am definitely glad I am keeping this up. I am glad I picked a subject for my 365 project that I actually wanted to have photographs of (and keep), it makes the project so much easier. 

While June was the month of relaxing by the pool and taking a vacation to Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. July was the month of our anniversary, eating yummy desserts, and taking more evening walks. I can’t wait to do a round up of my favorite photos from this project at the end of the year.
1. Photo on the bed using Timercam app
2. At the pool because what else are you gonna do when its 6pm and still 95 degrees
3. Taking a photo in front of the big flag
4. Spending the 4th of July in Durham NC
5. Our one year anniversary
6. Spent some time down by the river
7. Evening walk
8. Early morning photo before Clark heads to work
9. Photo downtown
10. Walk with Knox and Clark
11. Evening walk
12. Another evening walk (when we walk I remember to take photos of us)
13. Late night walk, it was cooler and more pleasant
14. That time we went to Wills Grill
15. Took a walk on the Cape Fear River Trail
16. We went to Cold Stone and Clark gave me a piggy back
17. Our Krispy Kreme donuts
18. In the morning before Clark went to work
19. We went to the mall and split a cinnabon cinnamon roll
20. In the evening
21. At Pik-n-Pig with my love
22. I enjoyed lunch with Clark.
23. In the evening on the couch
24. Spending sometime outside with Clark and Knox (not pictured)
25. At the dog park
26. Close up
27. Getting Krispy Kremes again. I can’t turn down the coupons they keep sending in the mail.
28. Clark and I on the floor...Knox on the couch.
29. Had lunch with Clark... photo in the car with my driving glasses
30. Morning workout with Clark. 

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love, Carlee


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  2. You two are so cute! Love the idea of this, I've never actually heard of the 365 Day Project before! x


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