Friday, August 22, 2014

Happening 8.22.14

Currently, it is Friday and I am thankful for that. This week actually went by really fast and I am going to assume that is because Clark had work off Monday and also because I was busy all week tackling my to-do list. Like taking new product photos and also getting ready to send cards to be included in the swag bags for the Maiedae Mixer!

This week I have jammed out to Taylor Swifts new song Shake It Off and already marked my calendar for October 27th for the release of her new CD. Knox has been a little naughtier than usual. We have had to be extra careful when we leave him at home alone because he has been in a “chewing things he isn’t suppose to” phase. Luckily, it has only been small things like a bra of mine, a sleeping mask, some paper. But right now, he is comfortably laying right against me as I write this and I can’t help but love him. 

I have been visiting the library almost every week for the past few weeks. It is so refreshing to read some actual books. I spend most of the time online and reading blogs and while they are great it is totally different to read an actual novel. I didn’t really know where to start in my search for a book to read. I like the travel section as it displays all the places I want to go. So I started there. Mostly there are just guide books which I don’t really find all that interesting because they are just information in bullet points with no really opinion behind it. (I want a real persons review of a place.) But while in the travel section I found this book called Gone to New York by Ian Frazier. It was really good and refreshing to read. Now I am reading a comedy book by Michael Ian Black. So far it is really good, I have no idea who Michael Ian Black was and that was the reason I choose the book. I like making up the character in my head. 

This weekend we are planning to go to a local Alpaca Farm they make homemade ice cream and sell yarn from the fur of the alpacas. I am also planning on one last trip to Diary Queen this August because you know there blizzard of the month is Chips Ahoy and it is so good. So, that is what is happening around here.
love, Carlee


  1. The new Taylor Swift song is wonderful! x

  2. -im not a huge taylor fan but that new song has me blasting it in my car all loud as i drive shaking my head!

    -ian black: he's from im sure a lot of comedies but i mostly know him from best week ever on VH1. i dont think they show it anymore but thanks because as soon as im off im heading to the library to check it out!!! i didnt even know he had a book! i read like the first 3 sentences of the prologue and i thought it was funny!
    thanks for posting about that!

    1. You’re welcome! I am about halfway through and I really like it. You would probably like it even more since you know him a little more than me. It is mostly funny stories from his life.

  3. Nice post !

  4. Great pics, happy Friday x
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