Wednesday, August 27, 2014


How is everyone today? I am doing pretty good. I recently bought myself a planner and have been using it for 3 weeks now and I feel so much more productive. Write things down and check them off. I must have gotten that back-to-school organization itch because I found myself at Barnes and Noble in the planner section. 

This outfit is one I put together the other day because I really wanted to wear my off-red chambray shirt. I like it but haven’t worn it in forever. So I built my outfit around it. I heard somewhere (on What Not to Wear possibly) that when putting together an outfit to wear; first: choose a pieces you love and just really want to wear and then built in the rest of your outfit around that piece. I find that helps me when I am stuck on what to wear or lacking outfit inspiration. I can’t wait for the long weekend!
love, Carlee
Chambray Shirt & Sandals: Old Navy
Skirt: Marshalls
Floral Tank: c/o Sugarlips

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