Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dinner in New Bern

I am here today talking about the couple of days we headed to the coast, 2 weekends ago. Remember when we went to the Birthplace of Pepsi and also Cape Lookout? Well the plan was to camp on the beach but after all day of rain and not looking like it was gonna let up. We decided to head back to New Bern NC and stay the night and enjoy a new city for an evening before we headed back to Fayetteville. Knox was already at the dog sitter so it only made since to enjoy the night. Unfortunately, we didn’t pack anything but camping clothes and since my jeans and yogas pants were both soaking wet, I ended up wearing cut off shorts and this pull over hoodie to dinner. I know #classy.
By the time the evening hit the rain had stopped in New Bern although the ground was still soggy and everything was wet. We headed downtown again for some dinner at Captain Ratty’s Seafood. We head the hand cut onion rings for an appetizer they were SO GOOD. I am a pretty big onion right critic and these ones were awesome because the onion right didn’t pull out and you could easily bit through (hopefully that makes since to the onion ring eatings out there.) I also at the clam chowder (with bacon) and Clark had the shrimp & grits. This place had good service and really good food. Definitely recommended.
After dinner we walked around and spotted tons of New Bern bears. They are everywhere. I love when town’s do something like that. We found 7 and weren’t really even looking. The town of New Bern is super cute and has lots of great little local shops which I am always fond of. We went into a dog boutique store and even got ice cream at an old school- cash only- walk up Dairy Queen. Score.
love, Carlee
Shorts: DIY
Hoodie & Sandals: Old Navy

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