Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

We headed out to the beach on Saturday and stopped by the Birthplace of Pepsi while we were at it. It was raining all morning and I knew the weather forcast wasn’t good. It put me in kind of a bad mood because we had our backpacks packed and we were planning on camping on the beach. Clark kept reassuring me that we would just go and if it was too raining we could always stay in a hotel. So we headed out of Fayetteville around 10am and the closer we got to the beach the less and less it rained so that was nice. By the time we got to New Bern the rain had completely stopped. After we stopped at the Birthplace of Pepsi and had some lunch we headed for the beach again. It sprinkled on and off on our way and we figured we probably wouldn’t camp on the beach because that just seemed a little to miserable. But we made it to Harker’s Island and got tickets for the ferry. We were the only two on the ferry out to the island.
The captain of the ferry was Mike and he was awesome. We told him we were from Washington State originally and had just lived in North Carolina for a year. He had recently visited Washington and was raving about it. He loved it and it made me think about how awesome Washington really is. But while we were in North Carolina I want to do and see all the things we can. Preferably while it is sunny but sometimes (like this day) we weren’t so lucky. Since it was raining, Mike said to go to the visitors center and get tickets to go up the lighthouse first thing because they will close it if it gets to windy or rainy. We got our tickets and had about one hour on the island before the ferry came back to pick us up. 
First we headed to the beach and tried to find some awesome shells. To bad the tide was high and we didn’t have much time to go beach combing. I guess there has been really large shells found on the beach. And Clark was pretty disappointed that we didn’t find anything really cool. So we decided that we will definitely have to come back and camp so we can find shells and also visit the wild horses on the Shackleford Banks which is an island next to Cape Lookout island. 
This was actually the first lighthouse that Clark and I have climbed together. While we have been to 4 other lighthouses in North Carolina we always went during the off season so we never got to climb one. This one is pretty awesome and it is still running and the light can be seen from 15-20 miles of the coast and is operated by the US Coast Guard. After we got done exploring the lighthouse we headed back to the dock and to the visitors center. I was sad to see that the visitors center was already closed and I didn’t get any souveniors. But it’s the experience that counts and I have enough photos to make up for it. Also on the way back I got to drive the boat. Since it was only Clark and I, Mike let both of us drive the boat. This is my it’s really rainy and windy and I can’t see very well face. I would recommend more than an hour on the island. Since it was really rainy we didn’t care to much but if it is sunny and you want to see the lighthouse and go shelling I would recommend longer. I can’t wait to go again when it is sunny.
Coat: North Face
Tank: Forever 21
Yoga Pants: Target
Shoes: Nike

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