Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer vibes

I can’t believe we are already a week into August. This summer has really flown by, like summer usually does. This is my first full summer here in NC and also my first summer not on ‘summer vacation’ from school. That is growing up for ya huh? Although we have had to work this summer we have still had a lot of fun. Clark and I got to go to a concert, host a bbq, vacation to Myrtle Beach and Charleston SC, eat way to much ice cream, hang out down by the river, and much more. I am hoping to squeeze in a few more awesome things before this summer is over. And I still need to bake mini pies from my Summer Intentions list. I am thinking apple or peach... what do you think?
We were having kind of crappy weather the last couple of days. It was cloudy, raining, misty, and still humid. But yesterday it cleared up back to the NC humid and hot self, I hope the weather holds out and is nice this weekend so our plans of having some last minute summer adventures stay on track. I’ll be sharing those later if they pan out. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 
Currently, Clark and I are re-watching Park and Recreation on Netflix. And I can’t wait until they release season 6 in the fall. I have also been to our public library twice in the last 2 weeks. I went for the first time last week and got my library card and I went again on Monday and returned one of my books and got 2 more. I have already read through an entire book about Route 66, the first one I read was the Adventure Handbook and now I am starting on Tom Snyder’s Route 66 book. I have always wanted to travel Route 66 and so naturally I am doing my research and reading up on it so when I do get to travel it I will take advantage of all of it. 
love, Carlee
Sandals & Belt: Target
Sweater: Old Navy
Shorts:  DIY

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  1. I like your "Summer Intentions List"...I never thought to do that and I usually make lists for everything lol. I'm way to scared to travel on route 66. I saw The Hills Have Eyes a long time ago and that did it for me....don't judge me lol.


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