Wednesday, January 7, 2015

365 project: my fav pics + thoughts

I am completely done with my 365 project. And instead of putting all 365 photos together and making them so tiny you wouldn’t even be able to see them I thought I would take my favorite photos of Clark and I from the last year and share them on this post. Finishing this project was great! I feel accomplished like I actually did something that I set out to do and not just for a week or month but everyday for the entire year. Although I did miss a few days here and there (I mean no one is perfect) but I am really proud of myself and this project. I also have some really great photos of Clark and I. And while I would say that 70% of the photos are nothing to write home about about 30% of them are AWESOME keepsake photos forever. And 30% of 365 is 109, so pretty good. 

Am I going to do a 365 project again in 2015?
No. Not because I didn’t like documenting us and being challenged to take new and unique photos of the same subject but because there just isn’t a subject that I want to take a photo of every single day for a year (besides my dog and us). I already did Clark and I and while I loved photographing us I don’t want to do the same subject. It really wouldn’t feel like a new challenge. It would just feel like a continuation and I would probably get burnt out and just quit. So this year I am not doing a 365 project. 

Am I going to do anything special with these photos?
I am not sure what I want to do with these photos. I know I have my favorites which I have already printed out over the last year. I was thinking of making a photo book with every single photo. I thought that might be pretty interesting to have all 365 photos of Clark and I from 2014 in a photo book. But for right now my favorites are printed, the are all on my blog, and in a folder on my desktop. 

Documentation for 2015?
Like I said I won’t be doing a 365 project for 2015 but I will still be documenting the year and of course taking photos of Clark and I. I am actually going to try a more physical scrapbook style of documentation this year which I will be sharing in the upcoming week or two. It’s more just for personal use but I will share. 

Let me know if you have any other questions about my 365 project from the past year. 
love, Carlee

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