Thursday, January 1, 2015

The rearview: 2014

We visited the Outer Banks NC for the first time and spent New Years Eve there. An absolutely perfect way to kick off the new year.

We had a snow day here in North Carolina. The first snow that Clark and I experience in the south and Knox's first snow experience ever. 
I celebrated my birthday and we had like 3 more snow days. 

I also purchased my domain and designed a clean and simple website for 
My mom came to visit us in NC all the way from our home state of Washington State. We celebrated her birthday, treated her to Waffle House, and spent the weekend on the coast. 

Clark got his second tattoo. 

We took a day trip to Oak Island beach. 

I started training for a 10k which we did in June.

Knox got a boo boo on his leg and had to wear a cone for 7 days. 
I jumped out of a 34 foot tall Airborne tower. 

I started an instagram just for Little Sloth.

Clark took a trip to Washington DC on military business. So Knox and I took a road trip to Florida for the day. 
Clark and I did our first 10K together.

We took a vacation to South Carolina. We went to Charleston SC then to Myrtle Beach SC. We also saw our first concert together. Florida Georgia Line and Nelly. 

Knox got groomed and a this first hair cut. 
We celebrated our one year anniversary

We hosted a BBQ and pool party at our apartment

I started painting again. Abstracts 1 and 2 
My greeting card shop Little Sloth was featured in my local paper the Fayetteville Observer! It was all about stuff made in the Sandhills of North Carolina. 

We ran another 10K

Clark’s Mom came to visit. 

I got a library card and started reading again. I have probably read something like 12-15 books since August. It feels good to read again. 
We went camping on Labor Day weekend at Jordan Lake. It was the first time camping with Knox and in North Carolina. It sure was an experience. 

County fair fun with our friends. 

Celebrated Clarks bday and went to a Duke football game.
Saw Spamalot at our local theater and went to an Antique street fair. 

Clark and I celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary and one year of having Knox. 

We went to Las Vegas for 4 days with my family! 

I made us the coolest Halloween costumes ever.. (unbiased of course)
We took a trip to NYC for 4 days and it was amazing. Posts 1. 2 . 3 . 4 .

I shot a pistole for the first time. 

I made my first turkey for Thanksgiving but ended up getting sick the morning of and not having people over. 
Took family photos for our Christmas card and sent them out.

We also went to Christmas in the Park and celebrated Christmas at home with Knox. 

Clark and I traveled home to WA for Christmas and had the best time with our family. 
This year has been really great and I am very thankful for how fortunate I have been in 2014. I am hoping for just as good fortunate in the New Year and hoping to accomplish more goals and dreams in 2015. Once I am back home and get the opportunity to relax a little bit this weekend. I am hoping to reflect on the past year and make some goals and plans for the new year that are concrete and can be written down. That’s the goal. I always have lots of dreams floating around in my mind haha. Anyways Happy New Year and I will be back next week or maybe this weekend posting about my travel to Washington State and also a reflection on my 365 project from 2014. 
love, Carlee 

The rearview: 2013 (<----- last year) 

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  1. Your year looks absolutely amazing! I hope 2015 will be just as amazing for you all!
    Happy New Year!
    xo April Everyday


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