Friday, January 23, 2015

Yesterday’s Hair

I wore this outfit the other day to run some errands, get groceries, go to the post office, etc. It was comfy and casual and light enough because the weather here has been like 60 degrees and although it is January I am not needing a coat lately which is more than okay with me. 

Also like I mentioned 2 posts ago and if you follow me on instagram you will know that I got my hair cut on Wednesday. I wanted to share this outfit (with my uncut hair) before I posted any outfits with the cut hair. Nothing drastic but I did get about 1 1/2 off the bottom and then layered again around my face. It feels SO MUCH better and lighter. And the hairdresser I had was so sweet. I went to the same salon (Salon 360) here in Fayetteville that I went to last time I got my hair cut which was about 9 months ago. I had a different lady this time and she was so sweet and gave me a great cut. She also gave me some advice on an accountant to go to for tax season. I love advice on stuff like that from locals. 
Happy Friday
love, Carlee
Jeans: Old Navy
Scarf: Forever 21
Chambray shirt: American Eagle
Shirt: Marshalls
Bag: TJ Maxx
Converse: gift (Amazon)

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