Monday, January 19, 2015

Singletary Lake

On Friday, Clark got off work earlier. So we headed out to Singletary Lake. It is about an hour from our apartment and it was the perfect day for a drive and for some time at the lake. One of my goals while we are stationed in North Carolina is to visit all the North Carolina State Parks. And Singletary Lake is a State Park so it was definitely a must visit. The weather was nice too, it was 50 degrees and only a little breezy when we were on the lake. 
We were the only ones in the whole state park except for the park rangers who were out by the front gate. So once we were in the park and out be the pier we let Knox off his leash. He ran around for a little while like a crazy man to get some of the energy out. Then we walked out on the pier and he was really nervous. The dock moved a little bit when we walked on it (you know, like docks do) but Knox was so nervous at first he was hunkered down and like dog army crawling it was the funniest thing. We were trying to reassure him that all way okay. After we got out to the overhang he was fine and he ran around and explored. Clark and I were both a little nervous that he was going to jump in but he didn’t thank goodness. 
On our way out of the park the gate closed. It was only like 1pm so we knew the park wasn’t closed for the day. So I got out of the car and turns out the gate was dumby locked. You know, just had the padlocks on but they weren't locked. After that we headed home and I counted all the abandoned buildings along the way. (There are a lot of them in North Carolina.)
love, Carlee 
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