Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chicken Coop

Is there anything more spring than flowers blooming and chickens laying eggs. Maybe I just feel that way sense I grew up in the country and on an apple farm and now my mom owns chickens. Last year my mom and stepdad actually built this chicken coop behind me and now they have farm fresh eggs everyday! And they are so yummy. 
Yesterday was a good day, I went to Wenatchee with my mom and little brother. My little brother had a dentist appointment and we went and had a good time. We ate at this great little drive though called EZ’s. They have the best mini corn dogs and great onions, totally recommended if your ever in Wenatchee, WA. We also stopped at Target and I finally purchased Pitch Perfect, isn’t that like one of the best movies ever? I am very excited for the second one. And I will probably be watching Pitch Perfect on the plane ride back to NC and I am very excited about that. I also ended up getting in the cart while in Target and my mom pushed me around for a while my little brother who is 13 thought it was about the funniest thing in the world haha. But you know, life is to short to take yourself to seriously. 

We also spent yesterday bike riding and I met the cutest little pup with riding on the dirt roads but no worries cause he stayed right by his home. Tomorrow I am going to do a happening post and share more random photos. I have also found a bunch of old home videos at my grandmas house and they are just the sweetest thing in the world. It is so nice to see how much my grandparents liked their grandchildren. Happy Tuesday!
love, Carlee
Jeans & Scarf: Old Navy
Shirt: American Eagle
Jacket: Marshalls
Boots: Vintage (borrowed from my mom)

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  1. Haha being pushed around in a trolley (cart as you guys call it! :D) is the best thing ever! I rather be the one sitting in it though, less effort haha amazing you have homevideos of your grandparents, definitely something to cherish! Keep up the writing :)

    ordinarilyquirky.blogspot.ie <3


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