Friday, March 13, 2015


I flew into Seattle airport on Sunday evening and since my brother lives in Seattle he is like my personal chauffeur to and from the Seattle airport when I fly in and out of there. Anyways I am very grateful for that. Since I got in so late I stayed the night on his couch and got to meet his new puppy! He got his puppy Duke at the end of January and since we left to go back to North Carolina after Christmas this is the first time I have got to meet him. And he is so cute! I couldn’t help but snap a ton of pictures of the little fellow. 
It’s funny because he is only like 4 months old but in a lot of the photos he looks to much older. I have decided that it’s because his snout is kind of long for him being so young. Anyways though he is a really cute little pup. He has the fluffiest fur but I will say that he does have sharp little teeth and nails. I am not used to that since Knox knows not to bite me. 
I am hoping that I get to see Duke some more before I leave. At least I will be able to see him when I got back over to fly out of Seattle because like I said I have the best chauffeur/ brother haha. I know that Knox would love Duke and I can’t wait until they get to meet each other. I hope it is very soon. 
love, Carlee 

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