Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I helped my mom open a vintage Etsy shop!

Hey there so as most of you know I have been in Washington State for the past couple of weeks and while here I have been visiting with my family and enjoying time in my hometown. 

Another thing I have been doing is helping my mom open a vintage Etsy shop. A few years ago she actually had a brick and mortar antique store that did pretty well in our little town but it was just a lot of work all the time. Over this past Christmas I was telling her she should open a vintage shop on Etsy since she still has so much cool vintage/antique stuff that she is looking to sell. Her shop name is Days Gone By Shop on Etsy and all the photos on there right now have been ones I have taken for the site. Needless to say I forgot how much work it was to open a shop from nothing and take product photos. Let me tell you, product photos are not for the faint of heart. haha. It would mean the world to me if you would visit her shop that she and I have spent a lot of time on and favorite it/ see if there is anything you like. Her prices are really responsible right now because she feels she needs to get established. 
Find all this vintage stuff in days gone by shop on Etsy

I think my favorite item in the shop are the pretty little dolls in the bottom row in the middle. There is also a really cute plush dog that is actually a tape measure. His tail pulls out into a tape measure. (Not pictured). I would love to hear your favorite item in the shop. 
love, Carlee

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  1. Nice! I'm sure that Etsy shop will be a great hit, especially since it's a collaboration between you and your mom. You've got wisdom brought on by years playing into that, as well as the tech savviness of the current decade. I hope that everything becomes more than fruitful for your enterprise, in ways that brings a lot to the table, which I'm sure it will. Thanks for sharing that, Carlee! More power to you!

    Ed Campbell @ Champion Online Marketing


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