Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happening 3-18-15

Hey y’all! How’s it going? It’s been going good here. I am in Washington State still visiting with my family. We are getting things figured out with my grandma’s funeral service. I think we are going to just have a small ceremony with close family and friends. I still thank my lucky stars that I got to see her and visit with her before she passed last Wednesday. And I know she is in a better place now. 
Sitting on the porch swing looking at that amazing view!
Flowers are blooming here!
My Dad bought a cabin in the woods up by Cle Elum and this is the view from the porch! Isn’t it amazing?
Apollo the Rottweiler and Lab mix. Also the best fetcher ever. 
The view on the drive home from Spokane on Sunday. 
Skyping my pup and my husband! I love them. 
View on the bike ride. 
Watching old videos! Look at my grandma and my older brother when he was a baby. 
Look at the green eyed kitty!
I brushed out my dad’s golden retriever this morning. He kept asking my little brother to do it but you know how teenagers are so since I had a free morning I decided to do it and let me tell you he needed it so bad haha. I also wrote Clark’s sister a letter she is a tourist on a cruise ship right now and I always think it’s nice to get some hand written letters. 

It’s also been nice to visit with my friends and see my little brothers for a while and not have to worry about leaving so soon. We have been playing the Trivia Crack game on iPhone. It’s pretty fun and I have also been learning lots. Like President William Taft got stuck in the White House bath tub haha. I also got to watch them play basketball which was nice. I have also been watching old King of Queens episodes on TV Land and there is a new show by the creators of Sex and the City called Younger and it actually looks really good. I might check it out. 

I will say that I miss Clark and Knox a lot. I have been talking to them on the phone almost everyday and also Skyping with him. It has been so nice to see them. I am excited to see them in a couple of weeks. What are you up to lately.
love, Carlee

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