Monday, March 30, 2015

Shining through

Did everyone have a good weekend? My was really great actually. My family and I headed to Whidbey Island on Saturday and I got to see all my bothers. I think that is the first time all 6 of us have been together in like 2 years. One brother was gone at Christmas because he was working out of state and of course our 14 year old brother couldn’t come to Vegas with us last October so it was nice to have everyone in one place.
Yesterday was a lot of fun too. I have been wanting to take my little brothers to the movies while I am in town and we got to last night. They are 14 so it’s not like they can drive themselves yet and the closes movie theater to my hometown is 30 miles away. So it is kind of a special treat to take them and we had a really good time. Although I did get pulled over on the way home. It was night time and I guess the front headlight was out on my parents car. The police man was super nice though and just told me to tell my parents to get it fixed. My little brothers were pretty freaked out though and I got to admit it’s always nerve raking getting pulled over, even when your sure you didn’t do anything wrong.

Anyways the rest of the way home we told scary stories and made each other laugh. It was a fun time.
Yesterday we also watched more of the NCAA tournament. I was routing for Gonzaga to beat Duke but I am okay with Duke too because they are a NC team and also I think Coach K is super classy. My bracket it totally busted though. We all put a couple buckets on our brackets at my mom’s house and I am pretty sure at this point my mom is going to win the money. Which isn’t much but still it’s fun to win haha.

Also meet Apollo, he is the big rottweiler / lab mix in a couple of these photos and honestly he is the sweetest dog ever.... well not sweeter than Knox but he is pretty darn nice.
love, Carlee
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Skirt: JCPennys
Belt: borrowed from mom
Shoes: Belk

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