Monday, March 16, 2015


These photos were taking in front of my mom’s little cabin. She is actually fixing up a one room cabin and it’s so cute. There is no bathroom in it (yet..) but she has some pretty cool antiques in it and a day bed. Maybe I’ll do a little peek of the inside because it’s pretty nice from where it started. She even sanded down and refinished the hard wood floors. And I love this color of yellow that they chose for the outside, I think it is the perfect amount of bright and cheerfulness. 
These photos were taken last week and it was so nice and sunny, then over the weekend it rained both days :( but today it is sunny again, hence the name of the post. Also I was eating Sun Chips while writing this post so I thought it was only fitting to name this post sunshine. Did you know my favorite flavor of Sun Chips is original? I know ground breaking haha. 
This outfit is also a goodie. I love spring especially how the weather is in Washington right now. It has been around 50 degrees each day for about a week now. So you can layer up still but the flowers are budding and the sun is out so it’s like the perfect excuse to bust out multiple floral prints in one outfit. Don’t you think? 
love, Carlee 
Jeans: Forever 21
Cardigan & Tank & Sunglasses: American Eagle
Scarf: Old Navy (borrowed from my mom)
Shoes: REI (borrowed from my mom)

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