Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Whole 30

Hey guys so I know that I have been a little quiet here lately. I am sorry about that. But yesterday I am excited to tell you that I finished my first Whole 30. If you don’t know about Whole 30 there is a lot more information on their sight. It’s basically eating very clean - no sugar (of any kind), no legumes, no grains, no dairy, no chemical etc. So meat, eggs, seafood, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

Around day 29 I was sure that I hadn’t lost much weight maybe 2-3 lbs but I would have been disappointed if that was the case. For me it wouldn’t have been worth it. But guess what I LOST 9LBS. I would say its really closer to 7lbs because I was up a solid 2 lbs after our anniversary weekend. You know the wine, chocolates, donuts, ice cream, etc. So yeah but 7lbs is amazing and several inches somewhere between 6-8in. And I have like so much more energy today knowing that is was worth it. I know I should have been proud either way. My skin is clearer and I didn’t have cramps while I was on my period. So those are good things but yeah the weight loss was great! I decided to do it at this time because Clark was gone and I only had to keep track of myself. I know some people do better with a support but I was good. Also my mom did it in March so I had her to talk to a lot. Also I will say I started walking 2.5 - 3.5 miles the last 10  days or so. So that might have made a difference with the weight loss.

Clark and I are going on vacation in August but when we get back I totally want to do another one and do one together! But we will see about that. Right now I am on my way to Baskin Robbins to enjoy some ice cream. Below is a lot more info about my journey! I did take before and after pics but I am going to keep photos of me in my underwear off the interwebs haha.

My day to day timeline.

Day 4: I actually almost shit my pants on the way to the library. I guess it was just my body working itself out. I made it to the bathroom. Sorry for the TMI

Day 6: Grumpy. I was pretty short with Knox. Not standing this unnecessary barking at dogs passing by the window or when he dilly dallys when he is peeing. It’s probably a good thing Clark wasn’t around because I probably would have been short and grumpy with him too. This only last a day or so.

Day 8: So bloated!

Day 10: I couldn’t sleep at all. I got into bed around 11pm and read for about 30 minutes. Then tired to sleep, I couldnt so I got up around 2am and took a bath and didn’t end up getting to sleep until after 3:30am.

Day 15: Honestly, I kind of wanted to give up this day. I had a really hard time getting to sleep the night before and the I was woke up my lawn mowers at 7am so needless to say I was pretty grumpy when I got up. Then in the afternoon I got a notice that some mugs has broken in shipment and had to resend them. (Which I am more then happy to do because it was my packaging mistake, but it is still not the greatest because that is all on my dime.) And yeah I was proud of making in half way but then I thought “I still have 15 more days of this.” Oh, and I started my period. :-/

Day 24-25: I felt like I had lost some weight in my belly area. That is where I tend to lose and gain fat is in my stomach region and it was feeling slimmer around these days.

Day 27: Feeling more energetic. I walked/jogged longer then I usually do. I don’t know if that is cause I have more energy or more stamina from working out more lately. But either way it felt good.

Day 28: I think I had that "is 28 days good enough" thought but I powered through.

Day 29 -30: Was worried that eating this way for 30 days wouldn’t be worth it. But it was and honestly all the meals I ate were THE BOMB.COM. I mean they all tasted delicious. It just I missed my ice cream here and there you know, haha.
Some of my meals. 
Some thoughts!

Fresh Pineapple is the SHIT (aka: AMAZING): so I have had fresh pineapple before but I have never actually bought one myself. I didn’t even know how to cut a pineapple so yeah I used this video to learn how.

I don’t like grapefruit. My mom told me that I should try them so day one I got one and tried with breakfast and I was like uggggggh so bitter and sour. I have tried grapefruits before and always new I didn’t like them so nothing has changed there.

First time I ever cooked with actual garlic. This is the first time I actually bought a clove of garlic from the store. I didn’t even know what to do with it at first or how to open it. Haha. So yeah before this I was just using garlic salt etc.

Homemade hash browns for the win! Very yummy. Make sure to squeeze as much water as you can out of them with a towel or paper towel it helps them cook crispier in the oil.

Zucchini noodles are better than spaghetti squash. So I made spaghetti a couple of times and I learned that I like zucchini noodles better than spaghetti squash. I think it is because spaghetti squash has a certain taste to it that definitely comes through in the spaghetti while I found that zucchini noodles don’t really so it tasted more like regular old spaghetti with the zucchini.

I luckily never got sick of having eggs for breakfast. I am one of the lucky ones, I know. I was never a huge egg eater before but I do like eggs and every single day for breakfast I ate eggs and each day they were scrambled. Yeah I don’t cook eggs any other way and I was lucky I didn’t get sick of them. I read somewhere if you are sick of them to just think of your meals as 1,2,3 and not Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. That way you can eat whatever at breakfast. Like salmon and salad or green beans. I don’t know though, I like thinking of breakfast like breakfast but it worked out for me.

I never ate anything I didn’t like. So this seems simple enough. Don’t eat things you don’t like. While I say this, I did try a new things. I tried Brussels sprouts and loved them! I also bought new compliant salad dressing thinking it would be a God send. I hated it and never opened the bottle again (that was Day 2).
Things I bought that I never used:

Orange juice: I bought orange juice the first day. This orange juice only had 1 ingredient. Oranges. So it was compliant. People said that you can use fruit juice as a sweetener to some recipes. (Never suppose to consume fruit juice by itself) I just never found myself using it. I didn’t keep my recipes simple though.

Salad dressing: Bought compliant Annie’s Italian salad dressing. Put it all over my cobb salad on Day 2 and hated the way it tasted. I never used it again. It sat in my fridge for 30 days and now it going in the trash.

Coconut Milk: So coconut milk is kind of a big deal on Whole30. At least it is mentioned a lot in the forums and website. My mom said it was a God send when she was just drinking black coffee. But I don’t like coffee so I didn’t need it for that. So while I bought 3 cans thinking I would need them. I didn’t use it once. I guess I will be sending those to my mom.

Ghee: Okay I did use this a few times. But I probably used a total of 2 Tbsp in the whole 30 days. I learned that I didn’t really like the taste and I would much rather cook with olive oil then ghee. I also didn’t feel the need to add it to my potatoes or broccoli or anything like that. So I probably could have done without it.

Favorite meals:

This sloppy joe recipe. Make sure to use compliant ketchup. The first time that I made it, I ate WAY to much and was so full haha.

I also loved pot roast made in the crock pot. I just put the pot roast in the crock pot on high for 4-5 hours with a can of beef broth and then topped in with salt and pepper and mini red potatoes with carrots.

And this Brussels sprout recipe. I used ghee and olive oil instead of regular butter.

I loved this Shepherd's Pie recipe. Be careful not to use green peas though because they are not whole30 compliant because they are technically a legume so don't use green peas if your on whole30.

How I feel today DAY 31!!!! Lol. I treated myself to some Baskin Robbins.

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