Friday, August 28, 2015

St. Croix fun facts + photos

Hey just here sharing some more photos from our St. Croix trip. These photos are from the time we spent in Frederiksted. I actually ended up jumping off the pier. That’s why in one photo my hair is dry and the other is wet haha. Fredericksted is on the West End and the water is SO BLUE. Also iguanas everywhere! I think we probably saw 20+ iguanas on our 6 day trip to St. Croix. I got up close and personal with the one below. Here are our photo from that day plus some fun facts about St. Croix that I learned while on our trip! . 

St. Croix fun facts and stuff

- There used to be 300+ stone sugar mills on the island when there was lots of sugarcane growing. Now there are only 120 still standing which is still a lot.

- There are only 5 types of wildlife on the island. Wild horses, boars, deer, mongoose, and iguanas. Also there are geckos, crabs, tons of other sea life (but those don’t count according to our tour guide haha.)

-There is a national guard base on the island.

- Point Udall on the eastern side of the island is the most eastern point in the United States of America.

- One side of the island is rain forest (the west) while the eastern side is desert.

- Christopher Columbus landed on the island. It was his second trip across the Atlantic in 1493 and he landed in salt river bay in St. Croix so this was technically the only place in the USA where Christopher Columbus actually stepped foot.

-The end of the movie Shawshank Redemption was filmed at Sandy Point in St. Croix although it’s suppose to be Mexico haha

Sandy Point is a critical nesting habitat for the endangered leatherback sea turtle.

- The Dutch brought over yellow and red brick and that’s why still today the fort at Christiansted is yellow and the fork at Frederiksted is red. 

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PS. Notice how my hair is dry at the beginning and wet at the end. Yeah, I jumped off the pier! haha 

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