Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Underwater selfies

I got myself a Lifeproof case a new days. I actually had the original Lifeproof case when they came out a couple years ago. Clark got one for me and I used it with my iPhone 4. I took a lot of underwater photos with it and I loved it. Clark and I are going on vacation to the Caribbean in a couple days and I knew that I wanted to take underwater photos so I knew that I wanted another Lifeproof case. I got one and I wanted to test it out in our pool at our apartment complex. It worked perfectly and no this is not an ad for Lifeproof haha although it kind of sounds like it.
We had a good time taking underwater photos and I even used a selfie stick! I made sure to get one with a remote that way if you don’t take the remote underwater it’s all good. You use the selfie stick as just that and you just have to use the self timer on the iPhone camera instead of being able to actual use the remote but it worked for us and I also think you can put the video on and use it that way. 

I am sure I will end of taking lots of photos underwater in the Caribbean and I hope to get thoughts of photos of fun marine life. Coral, fish, colorful clear warm awesome water! Follow along in real time @carleewengel on instagram. I am sure I’ll be posting lots of photos here when I get back. 
love, Carlee
I got both my selfie stick and phone case at BestBuy
Swimsuit: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Target

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