Monday, September 21, 2015

At the county fair

We went to the Cumberland County Fair on Friday and it was so much fun as it always is. We have now been in North Carolina for 3 Septembers and each September we have gone to the fair, I think you might be able to say it is officially a tradition unfortunately this is our last year in NC for now as we are moving to a new duty station in July but I am just sure we will make new traditions and memories everywhere we go:) The first year we went it was just Clark and I but the last two years we have gone with friends and I think it is better withs friends. Especially friends that have kids because they want to go on all the rides and eat all the bad food so basically me but 20 years younger. So I love that haha.
We went on the giant slide twice and it was so fun! Both times with our friends daughter. I wanted to go on the ferris wheel but the line was really long and it was like 5 tickets. I am like a 3 ticket limit per ride. Anything more then that is just crazy haha. But it is a cool ferris wheel like the one in the Notebook, the ones back at the fairs in Washington State are more like this and closed in so it’s cool to have an old school ferris wheel at the fair. I want to go to the NC state fair in Raleigh this year so maybe I can fulfill my goal of the old school ferris wheel ride. 
We got done with our Whole30 on Thursday. This was my second and Clark’s first. (More to come on that later) So I knew I wanted something yummy to eat at the fair but I didn’t want to go to ham like I did last time. So I did good all day but at the fair I had a corndog which was fantastic! Clark had a giant turkey leg. And later I split a red velvet funnel cake with my friend. So yeah super yummy but didn’t upset my stomach which was good:) Also I didn’t get a full photo of my outfit but thats okay. Happy Monday!
love, Carlee

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: American Eagle

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  1. i went with my boyfriend last weekend and it was sooo much fun!
    unfortunately, we didnt do any rides cause he's was against it but we did do the lift that takes you up top over everything.

    but 5 tickets is NOT bad. out here one ride alone costs upwards of 13-14 tickets!!! gah!
    we spent that money on alcohol and a mountain of curly fries instead.


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