Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weymouth Woods

So last Friday, Clark got the day off, so it was a SUPER long weekend for us which was awesome. We headed to Weymouth Woods which is a NC state park and only 30 miles away from us but we had never been. There isn’t any water, it’s more of just a nature preserve in the Sandhills on North Carolina there were lots of trails and you can even ride horses there. So we went and walked a couple of trails and it was really nice. We were the only ones on the trails and we even saw a deer. That had Knox freaking out a little bit. I am not sure what he would have done if he was off his leash. Probably chase it.
I was telling Clark how weird I thought it was that plants actually thrive in a sand like they did at the Weymouth Woods. Like the whole nature preserve is sand. There is a million pine keys and lots of wildflowers and under bushed. After we walked around for a while. I wanted to take Clark to Martin Park which Knox and I went to in August when Clark was in California. It’s a 50 acre off leash dog park and it’s awesome.
So we drove the 4 miles from the state park to this dog park. I was expecting more people for a Friday but we only came across 5 other people with there dogs but Knox loved it all the same. And he loves playing in the stream that flows through the dog park.

Back to the state park though, it was nice and there was a nice visitors center. But I probably don’t need to go again. There just isn’t much to do or see really.
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  1. What a beautiful park! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :)


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