Friday, September 18, 2015

Golden summer flowers

It is still summer here. But the weather has gotten so much better. It’s been low 80s and in the mornings 70s and it feels like I can wear a sweatshirt. It’s so great. Definitely the start of fall but not the end of summer. I guess technically here in a few days it will be FALL because equinox and all that. I guess after that I will probably totally dive into fall and get to thinking seriously about Halloween costumes and cooking fall comfort food and watching scary movies. After living in NC for 2 years now I realize that autumn doesn't really come here until early November. And by that I mean the weather doesn’t really feel like fall to me until then and the leaves don’t really start to change until then. So it’s definitely different then how I grew up in Washington State where fall was in full force by the end of September. But instead of being sad by it, this year I am embracing it. Wearing shorts & tanks for longer, eating ice cream & popsicles, dipping my feet in the pool after long walks.
But I am excited for all the things fall has to offer as well. Like everyone else and their grandmother haha. And I spotted pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday so it’s here people it’s here. If we are going according to Starbucks and the PSL fall would have been here in August haha. Truth time: I don’t like coffee so I have never had a PSL before and I am totally okay with that. Maybe someday I’ll like coffee and I am sure it’s not going anywhere.
Another fun thing, my family is doing a fantasy football league this year. Have you watching The League on Netflix (so funny). Anyways I have always like sports and watching sports (I grew up with 6 brothers so it comes with the territory haha) and Clark played football in high school so it’s been fun picking players and watching the games. I will say I have been WAY to into it. But I did win my game on week one. As I’m typing this I am watching the Broncos play. I totally have their defense on my team haha so go Broncos! 
love, Carlee
Tank & Belt: Target
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Shorts: DIY
Necklace: Vintage (was my grandmas)

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