Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Brick and Knox

Hey guys so it’s september and I feel like I have been just living and not worrying about blogging which feels great but then I am like I want to write this all down on my blog and tell you guys or at least write it down here so I can remember.  So these photos were actually taken back in August before we went to St. Croix my hair and shirt might look familiar because of this instagram. It was that day. The day we said goodbye to some of our best friend because they moved to Colorado. I am so happy for them though and I know we will stay in touch forever.
So let’s see. Over Labor Day Weekend we had a lot of fun. We are still doing Whole30 (less then 10 days left) but that didn’t stop us from having a great time. On Friday we went bowling with some friends, Satuday we went to a gender reveal party for some other friends and played water pong (ya no, like beer pong but without diseases haha) I think all of us were like this use to be so fun in college / when I was 21 but this isn’t as fun now haha. But it was fun just to hang with friends. On Sunday night we ate dinner with those same friends and they invited us to game night for some other friends so we got to meet even more new people and they were all fabulous. I never feel weird about meeting new people anymore because that’s like all I do. Clark usually makes friends via this work but whenever I meet someone it’s always new so it’s really not a big deal haha. We played catch phase and cards against humanity! Then on Monday, Clark and I went to a Durham Bull game in Durham NC. It was there last one of the season and we had to get another use out of our matching jerseys haha. I am planning on doing a ‘Happening’ post this week to fill you in more about life and include some photos from the weekend.
So yeah that’s about it for now. This outfit is frequently seen together. I think I like this combo because I know it works. You can see it here as well as here. Just incase you wanted to see the same outfit but in a different setting with different hair haha. I know you wanted to ;)
Happy Tuesday!
love, Carlee
Shirt & bag: Target
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Toms.com

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