Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autunm intentions 2015

1: Clark, Knox, and I in North Carolina (October 2013) the first fall we were in NC. 2: Halloween cookies my mom sent me when I was in college fall 2012. 3. Picking out pumpkins fall 2014. 4. In Washington State fall 2012. 5: November 2014 in NYC!!!! #thebest 6: Pretty leaves fall 2012. 

1. Dress up in Halloween costumes
2. Make a pie
3. Go to a fair or carnival (9.18.15)
4. Carve pumpkins
5. Watch a scary movie
6. Make Halloween cookies
7. Go to the pumpkin patch (10.11.15)
8. Celebrate Clark’s birthday in September (9.20.15 & 9.21.15)
9. Take a mini trip somewhere
10. Make homemade: banana bread (9.19.15) biscuits & gravy (10.3.15) or gingersnaps (10.6.15)

One of my favorite things I have been doing it making little goal list at the start of each season. They aren’t things that are must do’s, they are just things I would love to do and are usually very season specific. Here is my list for this upcoming fall! Here is my list for this past summer if you are interested.
Here in NC the weather is still high 80s but yesterday it felt really nice. Like 75-80 and I felt like I could wear a sweatshirt in the morning. Anyways, we have a ways to go until fall REALLY kicks in but I am excited to enjoy the end of summer:)
love, Carlee

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